The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.



The history of the Greek wine dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. For example, the ancient Greeks were masters in winemaking and monopolized the winery for centuries trading both in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Today the prefecture of Evia is home to many wineries, producing remarkable labels and international awards from private producing companies and local cooperatives. They are scattered throughout the county, particularly on the island of Central & Southern Evia and recently wine’s intense activity in Evia . As for wine tourism in many wineries and cooperatives it is possible to visit and taste the wine during the harvest season with arranged accommodation. Well known wine festivals are held in Vassiliko - Central Evia and Karysto - North Evia, where they are organized in late August to early September, by wine cooperatives and the visitor have the opportunity to taste the local wine and food accompanied by live folk music.

In the regions of Northern Evia and Karystia, known for the distillation of Raki ( an anise-flavored hard alcoholic drink from distilled grape pomace consumed both as an aperitif and as a digestive) is produced from small producers as below








Vryniotis wines - Gialtra – Aedipsou

Winery Koutsogiorgaki - Kamaria – Istiaias



Wines Darivyri - Kalochori ( Panteichi ) Avlidas

Evia - Ritsona Avlidas

Ethos- Ritsona Avlidas

Zarogkikas - Agios Ioannis ( Ritsonas ) Avlidas

ZAFIROPOULOS - Ritsona Avlidas

INO - Ritsona Avlidas

Kabat - Chalkis

Katsou - Chalkis

Kokkinos Pyrgos - Mytikas Lilantion

Kourtakis - Ritsona Avlidas

Lupus - Malakontas Eretria

Malamatinas Winery Lighthouse & Ritsona Avlidas & Leaves Lilantion

Mitzifiris - Two Trees , Mytikas Lilantion

Mountrichas - mytikas Lilantion

Nicholas Aliveri

Sampani - Ritsona Avlidas

Skouloudis - Mytikas Lilantio

Skourtaniotis - Ritsona Avlidas

Stavrou - Mytikas Lilantio

Tzivanis Ritsona

Tsakanika - Ritsona Avlidas


Elias - Lepoura

Zervas – Avlonari

Karystia Div . - Karystos

Mastrokosta - Dystos

Montofoli - Karystos

Nicholas - Aliveri

Karistia winery Ltd - Marmari

Togias Ioannis & Aik. Co. -Lepoura