The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.




The visitor to the county of Evia you can make the most of the island's natural environment, combining activities that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor and nature lover as well as mountain climbing enthusiast. Activities such as mountain climbing in Kymi, take part in the rally, the triathlon and enjoy the mountain trails by motorized means.


Hill climbing in Kymi

In beautiful Kymi every year it welcomes all participants of the first matches of the Panhellenic Hill climbing Championship. The race is held under the auspices of the Municipality of Kymi - Aliveriou and the support of Car Club Kymi. Participants and spectators are able to enjoy a spectacular race 52 speed, held in natural spring environment on a beautiful  island of Evia that attracts many visitors.



Evia Rally

Duration time is 2 days of racing, with a total of 400 km in the wild and a special day trails through beautiful routes. All combined in one of the most beautiful places in Greece in the spring. The race has been over 5 days racing, a total length of almost 1300 km and nine special stages with a length of 925 km.

1300 km

• 9 special stages

• 10% asphalt

• 200km beach driving

• 40% Hard ground and fast tracks

• 30% stone and hard pieces

• 30% of soft soil and mud

4 x 4 Off-road

Off-roading is an activity that involves driving motorized vehicles in areas that lack defined roadways. Any vehicle can be taken off-road. In Evia due to territorial specificities are many natural trails fans of 4x4 off road car and A.T.V. love to explore. The most famous club is "The Friend Association of 4x4 Evia" which organizes competitions, excursions to nature, trips / road trips enjoyment, as well as courses / seminars, all based on the philosophy of ecology for nature lovers. Apart from the clubs, trips are organized between friends and entrepreneurs in the automotive industry but also by individuals. The most famous is the Evia Rally Raid.


Sailing races

The games air and waves create a magical image of Evia and the Aegean, appropriate means to trigger the need for sports, entertainment and Sailing events. In these pristine waters, during the summer months racing yachts take place, from all over Greece, but also from abroad. The top is Aegean Regatta,of course participation exists in smaller watersport of various groups and towns of both islands.




Involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines, while many variations of the sport exist, triathlon, in its most popular form, involves swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. Athletes compete individually in all three sports, or as a relay team. This sport takes great care in Evia prefecture, where now many organizers have taken the initiative to set up matches in various locations across the island of Evia, and the opposite coast of Western Greece and Thessaly .

Visitors to the island can be informed of their participation therein.


• Sprint & Olympic " Glaucus " Triathlon, Karystos South Evia

Kids of Steel - Triathlon

3rd DIAPLOUS Evia GULF - " SKYLLIAS 2013 »    


Activities in Evia and Skyros


Walking and Climbing Routes

Evia a paradise for nature lovers of mountain sports. There are dozens of kilometers of trails for those interested in mountaineering and hiking. All year round visitors, mountain lovers, will have the chance to discover Evia and its landscape unique. The pristine nature is at its best and will win visitors of all ages at first sight. The most active agency concerned on the island is the Alpine Club Chalkis ( O.S.CH. ) , which has mapped all mountain trails, as well as two mountain refuges, especially useful for winter mountaineering explorations:

Shelter Dirfyos "Michael Nicholas"                           

Shelter Ochi

Mountain Trails

If reaching the top of a mountain is reaching you’re your limits for all outdoor activities, then Evia will surely compensate mountain enthusiastic visitors of this sport year round. The climber has the ability to choose the mountain of desire, and the difficulty of the route, since the island is ideal for such outings.

Cycling Trails

Mountain biking is a new activity with many fanatics of this sport. The mountains of North and Central Evia are particularly suited for scenic trails through its dense forests. The Telethrio and dry conditions in North Evia and Mt. Dirfys consist of downhill trails and include up to 10 % uphill paths. Competitors are invited to participate with at least 3 downhill slopes . Olympus and Kotylaion in Central Evia are ideal for short trips or all-day alternative tourism.

Pony Riding in Skyros

A very different and interesting way to experience the beauty of Evia is the tour on a horse through natural trails. In different parts of the island, the visitor will be able to make riding alone or with others in equestrian centers, mainly on routes in Northern Evia. Ideal for pony riding is the beach of Agia Anna, Petalo, Psaropouli beach, the Kamatriades, etc. Also in the works Pei Halkida there is a Riding Club, located in an idyllic green environment , with excellent hotel facilities.


The Skyros Pony is only found on the island of Skyros, where it lives for centuries free and semi-wild. In recent decades the Ruropean Union has included among the rare breeds of farm animals and protectection. Today, especially the younger age visitors can ride these domesticated and very friendly character ponies in a fenced area near the town of the island.


Canoe - Kayak

At certain times during the year, the rivers are in spate and are offered for exciting rafting experiences. The water rapids Manikiatis, particularly in the Municipality of Konistron, are gaining popularity among the fans of this sport. The river is ideal for downhill racing, as well as for relaxation browsing the scenery.


Is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders a very lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no rigid structure. Visitors participate in cooperation with official groups “Paraglide from Athens” to enjoy these particular adventurous recreational sports. We often use the hills / mountains of Evia as springboards for their flights. The sight of the magnificent natural beauty from height will indemnify each adventurous visitor who will try.


The bungee Jumping

Takes place in the Evian prefecture and is situated in the new big bridge of Halkida. The bridge is located only 50 minutes from the mainland of Athens and so is well all known to Athenian companies’ who prefer these specific sports, as the set conditions are of most appropriate (sea bottom, and height). Visitors will have the opportunity to Halkida to test the limits of endurance.