The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.





The Skyrian House


The traditional Skyrian House   is a small miracle of incense.  It is distinguished for the ' kube -shapeness' shape, a small space that includes,  the aesthetics and its  fully   functionality. The Skyrians, because of the fearness of the pirates were forced to share a very limited space on the Hill under the castle. So the Skyrian house  was made   which it had to accommodate the whole  family.

The Skyrian House usually has a single  room and it consists of a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom.

For  the saving  of space,  the bedroom (sfas), in which   the whole  family slept, was up,  and  the space under  the bed  used as a warehouse. In one corner there was  the fireplace   for  heating and  cooking.

The roof, inside,   consisted  of  a large piece of wood from one end to the other, called ' korfari ' and supported  pieces of wood from cedar trees or chestnut trees.

The out side roof, called "liakos", from the word “sun”,  because of it was constantly exposed to the sun. Outside, in the courtyard,  a small  wall with  thirty five centimetres height,   used  as a hedge between the  home and the street,  but also as a place of meeting. The courtyards are full of  geraniums, violets, flower royal, bougainvilleas, etc.


Interior Decoration


In  the inventive fittings  there is space for all: living room,  bedroom (sfas), storage room, kitchen (apokrebates) and fireplace. There dishes, pitchers, coffee pots etc  there are on the walls.  

Because of  lack of space the walls of the house and fireplace are  decorated  with all the useful objects as ceramics,  glassware and metal ones.  The origins, the rarity and the quantity of such items have characterised the financial lustiness  of their owners and  they were constituted sample of  social work. And of course a special place at the house  was  the famous carved miniature skyrian furniture like crib, stools, tables and “krevatsoula”  the small low couch.

Walking across the narrow roads of the village  and among  the white  skyrian houses, one do not have to resist to have a look interior decoration of the houses.