The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.




The museums of Skyros


The museums of Skyros have a rich and  rare finds collections of:


ArchaeologicalMuseum of Skyros (Tel. Contact: 22220 91 327)

In side two halls of the museum are exposed finds from archaeological places  on the island (Palamari and Fourka) and are dating from the EH period to  Roman times.

The museum includes the following collections:

- Ceramic skills  from   EH period of  Skyros town, Palamari etc

- Ceramic of  Mycenaean period

- Ceramic of   Protogeometric from the coastal cemetaries in Magazia

- Finds   of Protogeometric and geometric period

- Protogeometric   pottery from Aghia Anna and Magazia

- Finds  of Roman and Archaic period

- Vessels and objects from the Classical and Roman periods

- Sculpturs of various periods and sarcophagi’s   

-Important folklor Collection by  L.  Kostiri in memory of her archaeologist brother I. Papadimitriou


FolkMuseum Faltaits in Skyros (Tel. Contact  2222091232)

It fwas founded in 1964. It is the first local Historic  - Folklor Museum in Greece.

It was created to save the Skyros traditional heritage and  pass  to  the  Greek nation  the message that the present and the future must be  Tradition attached with. 

The museum is housed in an old mansion of "Faltaits", that its  roots are lost in Byzantium time, it overlooks  oks at the northeast edge of Skyros  and it is built on the largest tower of the ancient Pelasgian walls of the island - the Paleopirgos as the islanders call it. 

Loaded with  myths  and history,  (the place where it was once an ancient temple), comprises all the traditional culture and history of the island from the Byzantine to modern times. 


Skyrian House  “Andreas Gialouris”  Tel. Contact: (2222091206, 91929)

 Is a folklore private collection with representations and decorations of traditional Skyrian house.  Here,  you will see the carved wooden furniture, traditional ceramics, embroidery and woven cloths  with artificial  decorative motifs.


Sculpture collection George Lambros Tel. Contact: (+30) 22220 91 334

The sculptural painting workshop and of artist George Lambros, (a Skyrian artist), in location "Magazia" works as a place   with paintings and sculptures,   posters,  drawings and cards on Skyros are available.

In the same place there are also books of his sister Alice Lambrou,  Skyrian costumes, carving and painting catalog,  songs and customs of Skyros in  music pentagram.