The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.




 Horse Riding


The "Skyrian horse" a rare race  of small horses, unique all over the world  with an average height of 109 cm lives in Skyros island for centuries.   It is a protected species and locals love it and care about it, with an excessive enthusiasm.

The local horses are friendly animals, social and smart. Because of their low height, they are very popular and friendly to the kids.


In the past people used them for rural works. Nowadays the organized horse riding centres have well- trained personnel, so that the little ponies offer unique experiences to their audience, young and old as well.


Here you have the opportunity to enjoy short, medium or long horse riding routes depending on your tastes through natural paths next to forests,  pine trees,  “Sfendami” trees, mountain peaks, streams or by the sea  to be in the nature and to live exciting emotions.

At the horse Riding Centres are provided riding lessons, guided excursions, threshing of fava, participation in the daily breeding program, horse care and treatment, familiarizationwith the natural habitat of the Skyrian horse etc.

The visitor to the horse riding centre can also take part in the feeding and training of the horses.


In Skyros there are the follow organized farms:


-Ktima Mouries in Kalikri. Tel. (+30) 2222 92 918 0)

 (2222093555 - 2222093600), Horse riding for children


-Stathis Katsarelis - Simpson mob. (6947465900/698841127),


-Equestrian Centre "APALOOSA"  Horse riding   for adults.

 Manolis Malamatinis,  centre  responsible. Tel. 6977510821



Racing in Skyros

The "Brotherhood of Saint Mamas" and "Georgopimeniko Cooperative Skyros", under the auspices of Skyros Municipality,   organise ridings with Skyrian horses.

The awards races are the following

First prize: Skyros shepherd’s crook

Second prize: A pair “trochadia”(traditional shepherd’s shoes)

Third prize: shepherd “trokani”  (bell)

Info-Participation in the following numbers +30 222350300 and +30 22220933,,