The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.





The Agro tourism in Skyros


In Skyros the agro-tourism and naturalism   tourism is  especially  developed.  Here the friends of nature will find the ideal place to know  and experience the rural life, farming and animal works, exploring the natural treasures, walking under  the pine trees of the north part of the island, knowing the natural habitat of “Skyrian horse” on Kochylas mountain, walking  in traditional pastoral paths, watching the birds life and the wetlands,  exploring  the endemic plants, visiting  the amazing villages, beaches, bays, sea caves,  preparing and cooking  local traditional food, experience the traditional hospitality, satisfying  all their senses and acquire unique and unforgettable experiences. In Skyros there are a lot of organized agrotouristic  centres, which  are ready to welcome you.


You can participate   in outdoor activities such as;

-The Feeding, milking and shearing sheep and goats

-Te wine harvest and pressing of thw grapes

-The kneading  and baking bread in traditional ovens

-The preparation traditional  bready and cheese products

-The preparation of traditional sweet of  pan and spoon

-The hiking- trekking-bicycling- biking  in specially  routes

-The watching of bird life and the   wetlands

-To know   the unique “Skyrian horse” 

-The study of flora and fauna

- Horse riding

- Sea sport activities

-Touring by boat

- Fishing


"Karafygio"  or “Shelter”


At "FLEA" or "FLEVA" area, which is to the “NET NATURA 2000,   there is the traditional hostel “Katafygio” or  "Shelter". Here the owners have built  a quiet and charming country shelter, using natural materials such as wood and stones gathered from their  farm. Their purpose was to serve little groups of  walkers  and naturalists interesting  to discover the unique beauty. Also it is especially proper  for the families, that   want to familiarize their children with the life of the nature, hiking and farm.

“Katafygio” is an  ideal place for  the nature lovers and the walkers.  During your stay you can see or even participate in daily family activities. Of course your stay here will be a unique and unforgettable   experience.