The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.



Evia and Skyros are identified as the most appropriate islands for family tourism, one that parents and children can share the joys and theoverall ambience and tranquility of the islands makes this a truly unique destination.

The islands beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, especially during the summer months, will magnetize parents

and children. From sunrise to sunset, a variety of water games will definitely keep their interest undiminished.

Because Evia and Skyros are not just sun and sea, but visitors can find a multitude of activities that suits them to spice up their holiday experiences and make them memorable.

On the summer evenings, the islands are alive with local cultural and religious festivals that take place in almost all cities and villages across the island, something that no visitor should loose.

Today, the family tourism of Evia has risen in comparison to other categories and the reasons for this is the security and peace that the islands has to offer, along with the vast selection of activities accessible, making the island an irresistible vacation spot for fun-loving families.

The prefecture of Evia belongs to young people and this is encountered when guests come to the island. The local youth of Evia and Skyros are friendly and hospitable, welcoming visitors and at the first opportunity incorporating them into their groups.

The young people, who visit the islands either by themselves or with their schools, are given the opportunity to choose amongst dozens of activities. They can travel back in history by visiting the museums and the archaeological sites, '' lost '' in unspoiled nature and beautiful scenery, they can swim in the beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, they can taste the traditional cuisine based upon the Mediterranean Diet, feel the religious devoutness from an old 15th century hagiography in a monastery built on rock cliff, work out in the mountains trails, or enjoy the Mediterranean sun. All this combined with the hospitality that pervades the locals and making the visit more inviting.


Regarding the organized school visits and trips, the county of Evia awaits the young people to offer them the chance to explore the island while gaining knowledge.  It is an ideal destination mainly because of its easy accessibility and its mild climate, but also for its wide variety of ancient historical topics of 25 centuries now, its Orthodox Christian path, its biodiversity issues arising from the magnificent flora and fauna of the islands, its natural phenomena, its  rural tourism and local traditional  products and finally its fabulous hotels that offer special low rates for young people.

The continuous sunshine, the crystal clear waters and the natural beauty of the islands of Evia and Skyros, are ideal for romantic getaways for couples making memories that will last a lifetime

The couples can choose their destination and the atmosphere of the hotel will charm the visitor and the warm Greek hospitality will embrace your every moment during your stay.

Couples can choose to plan to have their wedding or a wedding event or a party  and there are numerous companies who can undertake the organization for them. Once the wedding or event is over, the couple can discover the endless beauty of the islands and especially the magnificent sunsets.