The second largest island after Crete, in Greek archipelagos and the third after Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf.




Agrotourism in Evia


The friends and the lovers of agrotourism, ecotourism and the naturalism   in Evia  will find the most  ideal place to live and experience the life of coutry, the agriculture and animal works, to  explore the natural treasures, to know the traditional hospitality, to prepare and cook the local traditional products, to satisfy all their senses and acquire unique and unforgettable experiences. 

Organized farms,  agrotourist  accommodation  and   traditional hotels are a lot of  and are ready to welcome you. 


You can participate  in outdoor activities such as;

 - The feeding, milking and the mowing of sheep and goats

 - The wine harvest and pressing of the grapes

 - The gathering  of olives

 - The kneading and baking bread in traditional ovens

 - The preparation  of traditional bready and cheese products

 - The preparation  of traditional sweets   of pan and spoon

 - The preparation of  traditional  Greek drink  like raki - liqueurs etc.


Sport activities

• Hiking  and mountaineering

• Crossing gorges

• Climbing

• Horse riding

• Fishing 

• Exploring the bottom of the sea


You can know

• Wine roads and   winery

• The fauna

• The flora 

• The wild Mammals

• The avifauna

• Amphibians and reptiles and rare invertebrates



-Women Agrotouristic   Cooperation  «AVALONA»

Home made products: sweets, jams, cookies, bread, bready, liker, herbs  

Address: Hania Avlonari,  Phone: 22230 32210


-Women Handy  and Development Cooperation in  Kymi

Manufactured Products: silkworm rearing, cocoon production, traditional sweets, bready, liqueurs, traditional soap, herbs

Telephone: 22220 23352 Fax: 22220 23669


-Women Handy Cooperation in Limni north Evia

Manufactured Products: Woven on traditional motifs (wool rugs, pillows, Tagaria,  blankets, embroidery)

Telephone: 22270 32353 Fax: 22270 31500


-Rovies Agricultural Cooperation that produces and packages    organic olives.

 Tel.: 2227024019


-Agricultural Cooperative Commander Oreos -typopoiei produces and packages the famous dried figs

Tel. 22260 72333


-Fig Agricultural Cooperation Kymi area, that produses and packages the famous fig of  Kimi- Tel. 2222023352


-Haunt of Deipnosophistae in Styra. Tel. 6936061261 Vangelis Gouventas


Agrotouristic hotels

-Eleonas traditional hotel in the  olive grove, in Rovies -  north Evia.

 Tel 2227071619,


-The "PETALO" Horse riding centre at Taxiarhis village in north Evia.

Tel 22260 72518 6973696664 Ms. Helen Morali


-Torodihoter in  Rovies-  North Evia til.22260 71666


- Arxontiko Kimis,

Tel-Tel: 0030 22220-23896 / 23610,


-Ktima Nikola, tel. 22240-31579, 6937083863,,


-Ktima  "Montofoli» (22240 23951, In Karystos


-Amaryllis hotel  in Grabia village - Karystos

Tel: +30.22240.23045 - +30.697.43.10.875,